Got Turkey Neck? Neck Lift vs. KYBELLA®

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, chances are you’ve got turkey on the brain. But the saying that “you are what you eat” is not something most of us want to identify with when it comes to Thanksgiving dinner. A turkey neck is somewhat unavoidable as we age, but the right treatment can redefine your neckline and rejuvenate your appearance. Neck lift surgery and KYBELLA® injections are two excellent options to consider for getting rid of a turkey neck.


Neck rejuvenation through neck lift surgery can correct stubborn fat, sagging skin, and muscle banding in the neck. Aging can cause the neck muscles to slacken so that the natural curvature beneath the chin slowly becomes less and less defined. Eventually, it may look as though there is only a slightly curved line extending from the chin down to the chest. The neck lift procedure uses liposuction or excision to remove excess fat and then surgically tightens the tissues and muscles. After the excess skin is trimmed away, the remaining skin is redraped for maximal enhancement of the newly toned neckline. The results are visible as soon as any postoperative swelling diminishes. This treatment is best for patients who have a turkey neck with muscle banding, excess fat, and sagging skin. It is not recommended for patients with excess fat only, as they will likely be able to achieve excellent results with less invasive KYBELLA® injections.


KYBELLA® injections rejuvenate the neck by removing excess fat. Sometimes called a double chin, stubborn fat accumulation in the area beneath the chin can be broken down by deoxycholic acid. This naturally occurring molecule is the active ingredient in KYBELLA®. Once injected into this area, the deoxycholic acid will begin breaking down fat cells. This process will gradually slim the neckline over the next six to eight weeks. KYBELLA® injections are a non-surgical treatment that yields results over time, and it may take several treatments to achieve the desired results. This treatment may be the best choice if your turkey neck is mostly due to excess fat. It is not recommended for individuals who have sagging neck skin, jowls, and muscle banding, as a neck lift would be more effective and beneficial for those individuals.

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