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What is nonsurgical Skin Tightening?

When you are born, your body has a full supply of collagen and elastin that helps to make your skin smooth, soft, resilient, and healthy. In time, this stock of nutrients becomes depleted and the skin on the body and face decreases in elasticity, leading to lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin. If you want to improve the tightness and overall appearance of your skin without cosmetic surgery, consider nonsurgical skin tightening with Sciton® SkinTyte™ technology at Mesbahi Plastic Surgery. With state-of-the-art equipment, nonsurgical skin tightening stimulates the natural generation of collagen and elastin in the areas treated so you can have firmer, healthier skin. To learn more, reach out to our office in McLean, VA, Washington, D.C., or Beverly Hills, CA to schedule a private consultation with seasoned plastic surgeon Dr. Alex Mesbahi. During your consult, Dr. Mesbahi can assess your skin to determine if nonsurgical skin tightening is right for you.

What are the benefits?

RF skin firming is a common option at our McLean, VA practice for numerous reasons. While there are apparent benefits, like reduced healing time and no surgical scars, there are some added advantages to this minimally invasive solution, including:

  • No recovery time
  • Speedy procedure time, usually not more than an hour
  • Enhancements that remain up to one year
  • Firms many regions on your body, including the neck and face
  • Effective for different skin types
  • Firms skin while also diminishing natural signs of aging, lines, and wrinkles, and smoothing out complexion and texture

Who is a Candidate for nonsurgical skin tightening?

Skin tightening procedures, like facelifts and neck lifts, remain the best way to correct sagging, loose skin. However, nonsurgical skin tightening with SkinTyte can be a good option if you don't wish to have cosmetic surgery. Nonsurgical skin tightening treatments may be used on many areas of the body and face, such as the neck, stomach, thighs, and arms. The best patients for this procedure:

  • Are in good overall health
  • Are near or at a healthy, stable weight
  • Have mild or medium loose skin on the face or body
  • Have lines or wrinkles on the body or face
  • Want to enhance the health and appearance of their skin

WHAT TO EXPECT DURING nonsurgical skin tightening

Before the procedure, the area(s) being treated will be cleansed to remove any oil, makeup, and lotion. Thanks to the advanced SkinTyte technology, a topical anesthetic is not needed as the system has a built-in sapphire contact cooling system for optimal comfort. Once you are ready, the SkinTyte handpiece will be passed evenly over the skin several times for an efficient session. The laser energy stimulates the body’s natural healing properties to start producing collagen and elastin, which firms and tightens the skin. The procedure can take about 30 – 90 minutes based on the size and number of areas being treated. Once the procedure is complete, you will be able to leave and resume your daily activities.

HOW LONG IS RECOVERY AFTER Nonsurgical skin tightening?

Following your nonsurgical skin tightening session, the affected skin may be slightly red, swollen, or numb. This is expected and will resolve on its own in 2 – 3 days. During your consult, Dr. Mesbahi will go over the best ways to care for your skin at home after your treatment, such as keeping the skin moisturized and protected from the sun. Many patients will not have visible improvements right after their procedure. Since the elastin and collagen stimulation and production is a gradual process, you can expect to see the full results after about 2 – 6 months. However, these results should last a long time and improve the general health and appearance of your skin. Multiple treatments may be needed to attain your cosmetic goals. During your consultation, Dr. Mesbahi can create your custom treatment plan based on your unique needs.

Nonsurgical Skin Tightening FAQs

How many treatments will I need to achieve the look I want?
The correct number of treatments will depend on the initial looseness of your skin, as well as your aesthetic goals. During your exam, Dr. Mesbahi will ask about your needs and goals — so that he can ascertain how many appointments would be beneficial.

Can I have nonsurgical skin tightening with other treatments?
Most definitely. Nonsurgical skin tightening can be performed as the only treatment or as an enhancement to other procedures. Quite a few of our patients prefer to have nonsurgical skin tightening at the same time as additional effective options.

Does nonsurgical skin tightening hurt?
At Mesbahi Plastic Surgery, we work hard to ensure you are comfortable throughout your procedure. While many men and women find that nonsurgical skin tightening isn't painful, our team can give you topical anesthesia to help you feel at ease and ensure that you have a great experience.

How much does nonsurgical skin tightening cost?
The complete cost of your nonsurgical skin tightening therapy will depend on the scope of the treated site, the number of areas you would like to tighten, and your unique goals. In your consultation at Mesbahi Plastic Surgery, our team will go over the details regarding the price of nonsurgical skin tightening according to your desires and your personalized treatment plan.

How long do the results of nonsurgical skin tightening last?
The length of the results of this procedure can vary from patient to patient depending on their specific body, as well as their post-procedure lifestyle. In most cases, our patients notice results for anywhere from a few months to around two years.

Is SkinTyte FDA approved?
Yes. SkinTyte is FDA approved for nonsurgical skin tightening procedures. It is a very safe and effective way to tighten your lax skin and revitalize the appearance of your body.

Keep It Tight

When you want to keep your skin tight and firm without having to undergo cosmetic surgery, make an appointment with Dr. Mesbahi to learn more about nonsurgical skin tightening. A noninvasive and effective treatment that calls for no downtime after the appointment, nonsurgical skin tightening can help you rejuvenate the tone and health of your skin at the first signs of wrinkles, lines, and looseness. Get a customized treatment plan for noninvasive skin tightening at Mesbahi Plastic Surgery in McLean, VA, Washington, D.C., or Beverly Hills, CA.

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