Top 3 Reasons To Get Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction surgery is a procedure that is often requested at Mesbahi Plastic Surgery. That makes Dr. Mesbahi pretty familiar with the treatment and who the best candidates are. There are many reasons women decide to undergo breast reduction surgery, but the top 3 reasons include comfort, enhanced activity, and superior proportion. With these three reasons in mind, you might be able to decide if breast reduction surgery might be right for you.


One of the most important and persisting reasons patients ask for breast reduction surgery is to increase their comfort. In some instances, people find that large breasts can cause back pain and general discomfort. Breast reduction surgery could be one way to increase overall comfort and reduce the aches caused by the weight of extra breast tissue. Many patients have reported that breast reduction surgery has dramatically improved their everyday life.


In addition to increasing comfort, breast reduction surgery is often considered by those who have a keen interest in sports and an active lifestyle. While it is certainly possible to participate in sports and exercise regardless of breast size, there are some instances where reduced breasts can confer a slight performance advantage by lowering weight and strain. A breast reduction can assist with movement and agility too. Breast reductions are often useful for runners, cyclists, and martial artists. If you are an aspiring athlete, a breast reduction could increase your enjoyment of sports.


The main reason that patients elect to have a breast reduction is for aesthetic preference. Many women just wish to fit better in their clothes, but it is also true that some women desire to have a superior proportion to the rest of their body size. A breast reduction can enhance the overall look of a patient. Often times patients wish to improve a top-heavy appearance. Breast reduction surgery also enhances one’s appearance by removing sagging skin and lifting the breasts to a better position. Patients often feel better about the way they look following a breast reduction.Above all, the number one reason anyone should consider a breast reduction is because they want one. Cosmetic surgery is all about self-love, so if you think that you might enjoy the results of breast reduction surgery, then you should seriously consider scheduling a consultation. You can always decide if the procedure is right for you after getting more information from your dedicated cosmetic surgery team.

It should be noted that candidates for breast reduction surgery should be in good health. All candidates will need to either be non-smokers or be willing to stop smoking before surgery. Make sure to ask your surgeon about smoking cessation during your first appointment.

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