Who Makes a Good Candidate for Breast ReSensation®?

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While mastectomy can certainly be a life-saving procedure, it can also leave some women feeling less than whole. Fortunately, breast reconstruction surgery offers breast cancer patients the opportunity to restore a more natural, feminine physique they can feel confident about once again. Still, many women are bothered by the loss of breast and nipple sensation that occurs as a result of breast cancer surgery and reconstruction. For these patients, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Alex Mesbahi and the caring team at Mesbahi Plastic Surgery in McLean, VA are excited to offer the revolutionary breast ReSensation procedure. With ReSensation, many women have regained partial or even complete feeling and sensitivity in their breasts after breast cancer surgery. Here, you’ll find important information on how ReSensation works, as well as who may or may not be a suitable candidate for this technique.

Will my breasts be numb after breast reconstruction surgery?

After a mastectomy or lumpectomy followed by breast reconstruction, patients may experience numbness, tingling, and other changes in their breast sensation due to the severing of nerves and loss of natural breast tissue.

How can I regain feeling in my breasts after breast cancer surgery?

For some women who undergo a flap-based breast reconstruction, it is possible to experience a spontaneous return of some feeling in the breasts. However, many women are left with little to no breast sensation, which can be discouraging and frustrating. With breast ReSensation, Dr. Mesbahi can help patients regain some or even all of their breast sensitivity, which can help boost their quality of life, sense of femininity, and overall well-being.

How does breast ReSensation work?

The cutting-edge ReSensation breast surgery technique is typically performed at the time of breast reconstruction — but could be performed at a later time — and involves transferring allograft tissue taken from elsewhere on the body to the reconstructed breasts. This helps to stimulate the reconnection of nerves and nerve signals, which can ultimately restore some or potentially all of a patient’s pre-mastectomy breast sensitivity.

Who qualifies for breast ReSensation?

Because every breast cancer surgery and reconstruction procedure is highly personalized and unique, the best way to determine with certainty whether you may be a candidate for ReSensation is to schedule a consultation and examination with Dr. Mesbahi. During this appointment, Dr. Mesbahi will review your medical and surgical history, assess your current health and anatomy, and discuss all of your available options with you at length. Generally speaking, candidates for breast ReSensation are:

  • Facing a mastectomy or lumpectomy
  • Considering flap-based breast reconstruction
  • Concerned about a loss of sensitivity with a previous breast reconstruction

Most often, ReSensation is considered appropriate for patients undergoing a flap-based breast reconstruction, though there are select cases where it may be possible to perform ReSensation alongside an implant-based reconstruction. Again, with the complex and unique nature of breast reconstruction and ReSensation, it will be necessary to undergo a comprehensive consultation and evaluation to understand whether the procedure may be appropriate and effective for you.

Regain your sense of femininity with ReSensation breast surgery in McLean, VA

At Mesbahi Plastic Surgery, our caring and compassionate team understands the sensitive and personal nature of losing your breasts to a mastectomy or lumpectomy. To help you look and feel more like yourself once again, we are proud to offer advanced breast reconstruction, ReSensation, and other treatments and procedures performed by Washington, D.C. breast reconstruction specialist and board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Alex Mesbahi. To learn more about whether you may be a candidate for ReSensation to address breast numbness after mastectomy, call to schedule your private consultation today.

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