How Does Breast Resensation® Work?

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At Mesbahi Plastic Surgery, Dr. Alex Mesbahi offers innovative breast reconstruction options, including breast Resensation for patients in Washington, D.C. and McLean, VA. This advanced technique helps restore sensation to the breasts after reconstructive surgery, enhancing the overall outcome and patient satisfaction. If you're considering breast surgery, understanding how breast Resensation works can help you make an informed decision.

What is breast Resensation?

Breast Resensation is a surgical technique used during breast reconstruction to restore sensation that is often lost after a mastectomy. Traditional breast reconstruction focuses on restoring the shape and appearance of the breast, but it does not address the loss of feeling. Breast Resensation aims to reconnect nerves that were severed during the mastectomy, allowing for the return of sensation.

How does breast Resensation work?

The process of breast Resensation involves several key steps that are integrated into the breast reconstruction procedure. During the surgery, Dr. Mesbahi will:

  • Identify and preserve the nerves in the chest area that were cut during the mastectomy
  • Use nerve grafts, typically taken from the patient's own body, to bridge the gap between the preserved chest nerves and the new tissue used for reconstruction
  • Carefully suture the nerve grafts to the nerves and new breast tissue to facilitate nerve regeneration

The success of breast Resensation depends on the meticulous technique and experience of the surgeon, making it essential to choose a skilled specialist like Dr. Mesbahi.

What are the benefits of reconstruction surgery with Resensation?

Patients who undergo breast reconstruction with breast Resensation report several significant benefits. These include:

  • Enhanced quality of life due to the return of sensation in the breasts
  • Improved psychological well-being as patients feel more complete and natural
  • Increased satisfaction with the overall results of breast reconstruction

Breast Resensation can not only address the aesthetic aspects of breast reconstruction but also focus on restoring function and feeling, providing a more comprehensive recovery experience.

Who is a good candidate for breast Resensation?

Breast Resensation is suitable for many women undergoing breast reconstruction, but certain factors can influence eligibility. Ideal candidates are those who:

  • Are in good overall health and have realistic expectations
  • Have not undergone previous breast reconstruction or are seeking revision surgery
  • Want restoration of breast sensation along with reconstruction

Dr. Mesbahi will conduct a thorough evaluation to determine if breast Resensation is the right option for you, considering your medical history and personal goals.

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If you're considering breast Resensation in McLean, VA or Washington, D.C., Dr. Alex Mesbahi and his team are here to help. Reconstruction surgery with Resensation can significantly improve your post-mastectomy recovery and overall satisfaction with breast reconstruction. Contact Mesbahi Plastic Surgery today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how breast Resensation can benefit you. Your journey to feeling whole again starts here.

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