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Dr. Alex Mesbahi is highly regarded as one of the best plastic surgeons in Northern Virginia. His experience spans over 19 years in the field of cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery. He has assisted men and women of varying ages who wish to achieve subtle improvements to those who are in need of reconstructive surgery following cancer treatment, trauma, or wound therapy. Both patients and peers have praised his work and have shared their positive experiences online. We invite you to read through Dr. Mesbahi's reviews to learn more.

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Review from V.  |  Source: RealSelf  |  May 27, 2016

affirming LIFE! - McLean, VA - I am a triple positive breast cancer survivor who just finished one year of treatment. Between a substantial weight loss (before diagnosis) and cancer treatment itself, I feel like I aged ten years. I have chosen to get a breast symmetry procedure (breast lift/reduction), SMAS facelift with platysmal tightening, upper & lower eyelift, and fat grafting to my mid face. A couple of months later I plan to have liposuction just of my saddle bag areas as there is no exercise regime that will remove that fat and I have had it all my life even when I weighed 120 (I am 5'7"). In addition to surgery, I have started using tretinoin & doing a short course of hydroquinone. I am relearning how to use makeup -- or actually how to use it correctly since I always wore too much. And I have had 1 of 2 Picosure treatments on my face, arms, & hands. My only question is if there are any breast cancer survivors who chose to have major cosmetic work done after cancer treatment. All together this is quite expensive and I know that no one can promise me that I won't get cancer again but I am just looking for some support and validation that I am not completely out of my mind because I could have a cancer recurrence. I mean it would be silly to spend all this money and then die in a year. I just thought I would dedicate this year to complete renewal & rejuvenation in every area of my life. My appearance is just one area. Overall health, business, spirituality, relationships, home, etc. are also on this rejuvenation plan. I just want to take care of myself, honor myself, be kind to myself, value myself because life is short & I have let myself go for too long (almost 30 years) & I want to rediscover passion for living & enjoy every single moment I have. Appearance is sort of an easy thing to fix compared to the other areas of my life that I want to renew so I thought I would tackle that first. Thoughts? The other question I have is how can people possibly say that I don't need a facelift? The pics I am posting after chemo/radiation are particularly unflattering but I'm looking for validation that I'm a good candidate. I interviewed 4 plastic surgeons and 2 of them said I didn't need a facelift!?!? I don't get it! More

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