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Dr. Alex Mesbahi is highly regarded as one of the best plastic surgeons in Northern Virginia. His experience spans over 19 years in the field of cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery. He has assisted men and women of varying ages who wish to achieve subtle improvements to those who are in need of reconstructive surgery following cancer treatment, trauma, or wound therapy. Both patients and peers have praised his work and have shared their positive experiences online. We invite you to read through Dr. Mesbahi's reviews to learn more.

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Review from N.  |  Source: RealSelf  |  Aug 14, 2015

34 Yr Old Nose Job. McLean, VA - I never liked my profile - I wanted a smaller nose overall. I also had a deviated septum. I know that sounds like a cop-out but considering I didn't use a penny of insurance money, I assure you I really wanted to breathe better. I also chose Dr Mesbahi over an ENT, where I could have received insurance $ for my deviated septum, however I wanted amazing results cosmetically and I know an ENT cannot guarantee that. I have a friend who had her nose done by an ENT and one nostril is noticeably larger than the other AND her nose is crooked. Why go through all the pain and inconvenience (time off from work, not leaving the house, etc.) for disappointing results?Cons:- Cost- Not being able to leave the house for a week - you CAN leave the house, IF you don't mind people seeing you with a splint, which I did.- The risk of not really looking like "yourself" after.Pro:- Digital photos ahead of time prepared me for what the end result would be.- I have a client who worked for a plastic surgeon in Georgetown and she assured me that Dr Mesbahi was one of THE best in the area for Rhinoplasty.- Dr Mesbahi did breast augmentation for me previously and I was really pleased with the outcome.- Dr Mesbahi is really professional, yet has a great bedside manner. He's easy to talk to and always makes me feel comfortable.- At first when the splint came off, I was nervous because it did not look like me AT ALL. But from the side, my profile was already what I desired. After about a week with the splint off, the swelling was better and each week it has settled more and more.- Pain was completely manageable. I was never in excruciating pain. More

Review from V.  |  Source: RealSelf  |  Jan 18, 2015

Needed an Upgrade! McLean, VA - I had been thinking about having a breast augmentation for many years and finally decided this was the year! I had visited a few different plastic surgeons offices to do some homework and decided on the National Center for Plastic Surgery and Dr. Ali Mesbahi. At the time of my initial consult, the staff was very helpful and accommodating. I spent over an hour with the surgeon discussing all aspects of the procedure and was given the opportunity to try on implant sizes. I even was encouraged to come back and try the implants on a second time with a friend which I did! The experience overall was very comfortable and welcoming. The evening after my surgery, Dr. Mesbahi called to check in which I thought was so nice! More

Review from Anonymous  |  Source: Office Visit  |  Mar 07, 2011

Dear Dr. Mesbahi, just writing you a note to thank you very much for an excellent and awesome job you've done on my Breast Augmentation surgery! I'm very grateful and appreciative of everything. I'm truly very happy with the outcome!!! I'm so glad I've made the right decision to choose the best surgeon and the best in his field. You're truly great and I'm forever grateful! Take care now and God bless. More

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